Horns And Halos
Spinefarm Records, 2013.
Roba s greškom
Long Play, 2013.
Days Go By
Columbia, 2012.
Dee Does Broadway
Razor & Tie, 2011.
Beyond Magnetic
Warner Bros, 2012.
Sticks & Stones
Favored Nations/Prologue Music, 2011.
Eleven Seven Music, 2011.
A Tribute To Frank Sinatra
Eagle Rock records, 2011.
The Magic Of Youth
Big Rig Records, 2011.
Arms Division Records, 2011.
Here And Now
Roadrunner Records, 2011.
Made in Germany (1995 - 2011)
Universal Music, 2011.
Balls Out
Universal Records, 2011.
Sony Music Entertainment, 2011.
E1 Music, 2011.
Joker (CD EP)
(samostalno izdanje, self - released), 2011.
A tribute From Friends
RCA, 2011.
A Tribute To The Ramones
Virgin, 2011.
Call To Arms
UDR music, 2011.
Hits & Covers
Full Effect Records, 2011.
Hor Peppers & Hot Tempers (singl ploča)
Basement Blues records & Donkey Punch Records, 2011.
Smash/Grab (CD EP)
Paper + Plastick Records, 2011.
I'll Bite Your Face Off (CD single)
Bigger Picture Music group, 2011.
U odbrani zla
Nocturne magazine, 2011.
The World Is Yours
Motorhead music, 2011.
Hell Yeah!
Frontiers Records, 2011.
Metal Blade Records, 2011.
King Kobra
Frontiers Records, 2011.
Too Long To Suck
The Long Noses Records, 2011.
Light me Up
Interscope/Universal Music. 2011.
Big 3 Records/Sony, 2011.
Hard Times And Nursery Rhymes
Epitaph, 2011.
Set The World on Fire
Lava, 2011.
This Is Gonna Hurt
Eleven Seven Music, 2011.
Forever More
Frontiers Records/One Records, 2011.
Setzer Goes Instru-Mental
Surf Dog, 2011.
Imperfect Remixes EP
Serjical Strike, 2011.
Imperfect Harmonies
Serjical Strike, 2010.
Sensory Overdrive
Spinefarm Records, 2011.
Reverse Tripped
Deadline/Cleopatra Records, 2011.
Stand Your Ground
Target Records, 2011.
See My Friends
Universal Music, 2010.
Pažnja! Pažnja!
One records, 2010.
Vreme brutalnih dobronamernika
(Milan B. Popović), 2010.
Vrisak (CD singl)
Samostalno izdanje/ self released, 2010.
No Guts, No Glory
EMI/Roadrunner Records, 2010.
Roadrunner Records, 2010.
Sting In the Tail
Universal music, 2010.
Another night in the sun - Live in Helsinki
Spinefarm Records, 2010.
Self released-samostalno izdanje, 2010.
When We Were Angels (Singl ploča)
Self released-samostalno izdanje, 2010.
Below The Belt
Bad Taste Records, 2010.
All Night Long
Eleven Seven Music, 2010.
Brend imaginarne revolucije
Love Cuffs, 2010.
Covered In Guns
Deadline Music, 2010.
Sony Music, 2010.
Samostalno izdanje, 2010.
Crno na belo (CD singl)
SKC NS/Šabački letnji festival, 2010.
Roadrunner Records, 2010.
Generation Wild
Gain Records, 2010.
New Religion
Frontiers Records, 2010.
Krš i lom
Odličan hrčak, 2010.
Tattoos & Tequila
Eleven Seven Music, 2010.
Babylon's Burning
Babylon On And On Records, 2009.
Groovanje (devedesete uživo)
Multimedia records/Vreme, 2009.
Weapons Of Mass Destruction
Napalm Records, 2009.
Deadboys Making Noise
Samostalno izdanje/Self Released, 2009.
Them XX
Versity Music/Spinefarm Records, 2009.
Greatest Hits
Eleven seven music, 2009.
Welcome To The Hotel De La Muerte
Bad Reputation Records, 2009.
Internet izdanje/Internet release, 2009.
Live@Garage Fire
samostalno izdanje/self released, 2009.
The Circle
Universal Music, 2009.
Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da
Universal, 2009.
Wicked Wonderland
JLRG Entertainment, 2009.
Ride Your Life
Samostalno izdanje/Self released, 2009.
Need To Believe
Nuclear Blast/G Records, 2009.
Demolition records, 2009.
Faith Devides us… Death Unites Us
Century Media, 2009.
Boys Town
Metal Heaven, 2009.
Roadrunner, 2009.
Can't Slow Down
Rhino, 2009.
Beg For It
Nuclear Blast, 2009.
Night Electric Night
Nuclear Blast, 2009.
Whatever Gets You Off
Eleven Seven Music, 2009.
The High End Of Low
Interscope, 2009.
EMI/Virgin, 2009.
Newborn R'N'R
One Records, 2009.
Let's Rock'n'Roll
Eleven Seven Music, 2009.
Let Dominoes Fall
Hellcat Records, 2009.
'Cause I Sez So
Roadrunner/Mercury Records, 2009.
Retrospect Records, 2009.
Crue Fest 1
Eleven Seven Music, 2009.
Everyday Demons
Albert Productions, 2009.
Let The Madness Begin
Cirkusmusic Records, 2009.
Burn Halo
Rawhawk Records, 2009.
Hell City Glamours
Hell City Glamours, 2009.
Form Hell To Texas
SPV/Steamhammer, 2009.
Century Media, 2009.
Take it or leave it records, 2009.
Get It Together
Mid-Fi Recordings, 2008.
On Your Mind
Red Pulse, 2008.
Calm Before The Storm
D2 Records, 2008.
American soldier
Rhino, 2009.
Forever more
(Tesla Electric co.), 2008.
Steelheart Records, 2008.
Never Too Loud
Bad Taste Records, 2008.
DR2, 2008.
Black Butterfly
Eleven Seven Music/Atlantic Records, 2008.
Ukleti salaš
PGP-RTS, 2008.
We Forget
Mr. Metal Records, 2008.
SKC NS, 2008.
This One's For Rock'n'Roll - The Best Of Hanoi Rocks 1980-2008
Demolition Records, 2008.
Self Released, 2008.
Let It Burn
SKC NS, 2008.
Black Ice
Universal Music, 2008.
Chinese Democracy
Geffen records, 2008.
Along Came A Spider
SPV/Steamhammer, 2008.
Dreams & A Wake
Amonite records, 2008.
Wake The Sleeper
Sanctuary Records/Multimedia Records, 2008.
Runnin' Wild
Capitol/Emi, 2008.
Idolaze Youself - The Very Best of Billy Idol
Capitol/Emi, 2008.
Melody Makers Music, 2008.
Samo senke prolaze
Fokus, 2008.
Light From Above
Interscope Records/Multimedia Records, 2008.
Death Magnetic
Vertigo, 2008.
Days Of Nothing
Candlelight Records, 2008.
Backyard Babies
Spinefarm Records, 2008.
Multimedia Records, 2008.
Internet release, 2008.
First Touch (CD EP)
self released, 2008.
Parasites And Worms
Dockyard 1, 2008.
From The Moon To The Sun
Neh Records, 2008.
Just A Taste (CD EP)
Steelheart Records, 2008.
Love The Sin... Hate The Sinner
Warrior Records, 2008.
Saints Of Los Angeles
Eleven Seven Music, 2008.
Hollywood Kills Live At The Whiskey A Go Go
Virgin Finland, 2008.
Sony Music, 2008.
King Outlaw records 2008.
Good To Be Bad
SPV, 2008.
Probaj Me
Hayat production, 2007.
Get Me Outta Here/Musica Non Grata
Basement Blues Records, 2008.
Samo Supermen Srbiju Spasava
Multimedia Records, 2008.
Promo CD
Self released, 2008.
Not Without The Fight
Avlijaner Records, 2007.
Rijeka snova
Dallas records, 2007.
St. Valentines Day Massacre
Self Released, 2007.
Ne predaj se!
SKC Novi Sad, 2008.
Sloboda ili ništa
PGP-RTS, 2007.
Elect The Dead
Serjical Strike, 2007.
The Heroin Diaries Soundtrack
Eleven Seven Music, 2007.
Raise Your Voice
SKC Novi Sad, 2007.
Hot Rods & Pin Ups
Automatik Records/Ceklin Music, 2007.
Znaš ko te pozdravio
Automatik Records. 2007.
Urlik (CD singl)
Porodična manufaktura + Milan B. Popović, 2007.
Positively Sick... On the Streets Of Serbia-Tribute to The Humpers
Basement Blues Records, 2007.
Automatik Records, 2007.
Flying Buffalo, 2007.
Just Gamblin'…
Avlijaner Records, 2007.